Split your SQL files with ease.

Welcome to the SQLSplitter


The SQLSplitter is a tool to split up arbitrary large MySQL/MariaDB dumps into small, independently executable SQL files.

It is useful in cases where a limit is in place. Web administration tools like phpMyAdmin for example where the configuration constraints the upload to 2 MB per file.

a real parser

A real parser

The tool is based on a real, minimal, use case tailored SQL parser. This allows it to intelligently split the SQL file doing preserving the structure. Some of its features include:

  • splitting INSERTs with many value tuples over the files
  • if the INSERT contains an "ON DUPLICATE" statement and it is split over many files, the statement is preserved
  • SET statements are repeated in the splitted files
  • USE statements are repeated in the split files, even if there are multiple ones, the most recent is memorized
cross platform

Cross platform

Using Windows, MacOS or Linux? No problem, everything natively supported.

data security

Data security

No content of the SQL file is sent anywhere ever! To determine if splitting a particular file has been purchased, only a hash of it is sent to a server.

The hash is a 16 character long string derived from parts of the file. Under no circumstances any content of the file can be inferred by this string.

fair payment

Fair payment

Splitting files up to 10 MB is free. Afterwards, it is a one-time per file purchase of 1.50 €.

You can split any purchased file as often and on any machine you like.

giving back something

Giving back something

A part of the parser is an open-source Go library: Peek-A-Buf.